Frequently Asked Questions

No. The association is comprised of all the individual property owners within the specified community. Omni is hired by the Board of Directors to assist in the operation of the homeowners or condo owners association.

Association dues are collected from each property owner within that specific community to support the day-to-day operation of the community. An annual budget is established based on these dues to determine the ability of the association to pay its bills. These dues enable the association to pay for applicable services such as landscaping, pond maintenance, street light maintenance, pool maintenance, clubhouse maintenance, social events, common area maintenance and repairs, and so forth.

In dealing with OMNI, your check should be made payable to the name of your condo owners or homeowners association, not OMNI. This will ensure that your payment is applied accordingly.

This depends on the type of association in which you live. Each community has very specific and detailed by-laws and/or covenants and restrictions that outline the duties of each individual property owner and the association. If you cannot determine this after reading these documents, you should contact your Property Manager who will be able to provide this information to you.

Overseeing all aspects of a community is a full time job. Your Board of Directors serve your community on a voluntary, non-paying basis and often times have daily commitments outside the realm of your HOA or COA association. Omni eases the burden for your Board of Directors, in the same way any employee does for their employer. We serve as a voice for both the Board of Directors and the residents of the community.

By-laws, covenants, conditions & restrictions are the documents that set forth the governing guidelines for an association. These governing guidelines are typically established prior to the development of a community by the developer of the community to ensure stability in the establishment and continued advancement of a community.

Depending on the nature of the concern, addressing specified issues within an association can either be simple or very complex. Cooperation by all parties involved always makes coming to an agreeable solution the path of least resistance. However, in situations where the issue cannot be easily resolved, certain procedures must be adhered to and followed to protect the interests of all parties involved and ensure that addressing the issue is within the monetary and legal limits of the association.

Omni management services, Inc. always recommends first checking your association guidelines and submitting an architectural improvement form for any upgrades, alterations or changes. This will ensure that you have any requests on record as approved changes.

It is always important to submit an architectural improvement request. This process helps to ensure that consistency exists throughout the community and aids in maintaining the common interests and property values of all owners within a community.

Simply put…Omni strives to be the best providers of community association management services. The qualifications of our staff and determination to provide excellent customer service continue to make us among the elite in association management.

The Board of Directors (BOD) is comprised of a select few individuals who have a direct interest in the HOA or COA community. Often during development, the BOD will consist of individuals appointed by the developer and/or builder who have a majority interest in the community. Once a community has reached its required occupancy to obtain the necessary amount of votes, the BOD will consist of elected residents of the community.